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This is the Skulduggery Pleasant Wiki! This Wiki will be everything Skulduggery Pleasant!

Meet the Characters!Edit

Skulduggery Pleasent 6

Yes he is A Skeleton but still he throws fire gives good kicks and punches and more! And How old? 400?? How does he do it?

Valkerie Cane

An Ordinary Girl? Maybe not! Meet the 13 Year old Valkyrie Cain, Skulduggery's Partner and A Great Fighter!

Tanith Low

Tanith Low is 80 But looks 20 How does she do it? Tanith Low has A Sword and is A good fighter! But keeps getting in loads of Trouble!

Ghastly Bespoke

He used to be A Statue But not now! Ghastly Bespoke is mean fighting machine! With powers Fire, Water, Air and Earth he can do anything!

The Faceless ones

OOOH It's the Faceless ones and Yes it says it in the name! There the faceless ones and there the bad guys!


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